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Individual Training (Remote Available)

We realize many individuals desire and appreciate some personalized training regarding their personal finances.

In 2020, we instituted CDC guidelines in our office, and offer both limited in-person and remote training.

For in-person training, we ask you be COVID-19 symptom free, and please wear a mask for your appointment. If you have had COVID-19, we do ask you to have had your negative test. We will happily re-appoint any person who is feeling ill, even if you let us have only short notice.

We also offer remote training.  For this type of training, you need to already have a reliable internet provider and computer.  When we have our initial phone consultation, we can go over specific software and login information, as well as your concerns.

We have successfully trained individuals who have basic computer skills but often needed more to make their financial lives easier, so you don't need to be a "computer whiz" to get better skills.

We also frequently meet with new rental property owners who have the foresight to consult with us quickly after obtaining their property and before a big tax bill arrives.

We offer training sessions tailored for the individual, which may include one or more of the following sample topics:

● Record retention – easy to use best practices and how long to keep documents
● Check writing – why it may make sense to write certain payments with an old-fashioned check.  How to properly write one.
● Doing an old-fashioned bank reconciliation by hand – why it may make sense, and how to do one

● Keeping manual records v. using simple computer software, Part I – does this make sense for you.
● Simple to use, affordable computer software Part II – What computer do you have?  Installing the software.
● Simple to use, affordable computer software Part III – Having it set up right.  Getting started with it.
● Simple to use, affordable computer software Part IV – Time saving tips. 

● Why keeping a household budget is a good idea, and how to set one up that can be updated easily
● Individual tax return (simple) – how to prepare a first (or second tax return) for adults
● New rental property owners – what you may need to know now that you plan to be (or are) a new landlord

We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.
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