Manufacturing and Equipment Accounting

Manufacturing and Equipment

Business and organization managers and owners often do not realize how much money they can save and how much more efficiently they can operate when they have up-to-date records of their equipment. Further, the proper separation from real estate in improvements, remodeling, or new building structures can be a significant part of company costs. This is especially true in industries such as health care practices, scientific instrument companies, food manufacturing and other similar industries where significant investments in build-outs and equipment are not uncommon. We bring years of both experience and engineering education to your team.

We provide assistance to managers and owners in the following areas:

  • Bank or Financial institution financing – preparation of required financial statements (typically reviews, and compilations) and/or special reports
  • Preparation of Florida state business property returns
  • Preparation of Florida (and multi) state sales and use tax returns
  • Reconciliation of Florida state and Federal depreciation and taxation schedules
  • Tax planning related to equipment purchases and removal
  • Consultations at the point of planning for build-outs and remodeling
  • Consultations at point of planning for re-engineering all or part of assembly lines or other operational equipment, including computers and scientific instruments
  • Consultations and accounting involving accounting system changes
  • Consultations, accounting, and bookkeeping for project costs
  • Purchase versus lease analysis
  • Budget preparation

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