Real Estate Accounting and Consulting

Real Estate Accounting

At MJ CPA, a Central Florida Certified Public Accounting firm, we provide a variety of individual and business tax planning, retirement planning, and financial planning services tailored to meet the needs of our individual and business clients. Through continuing education and training, we are committed to providing our clients tax saving strategies to minimize your tax liability.

Our services are designed to make the process easy for you. Home and business owners often do not realize they can save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars in taxes by pre-planning a move, sale, purchase, or arranging for business financing, and we often see clients "after the fact" when we sincerely wished they had contacted us before they began to sell their property and begin to look for a new one.

Because of our specialized knowledge, we have been highly valuable in ensuring the profitable management of these unique, often complex businesses, operating in a rapidly changing real estate environment.

Our real estate accounting and consulting services include:

  • Real estate-related tax planning and return preparation
    • for Florida family residential homes and rentals
    • Simplified computer bookkeeping for rentals
    • Planning for business, organization, and individual moves
  • Fixed asset recording and financial planning
    • (Roofs, remodels, preparation for sale, lease build-outs, land purchases and sales, to name some)
  • Retirement planning
  • Multiple home planning (rentals, vacation properties, multiple states)
  • Multi-state taxes (California, Texas, Florida, others)
  • Financial statements for banks, lending institutions, realtors

Our real estate clients include:

  • Real estate investors
  • Foreign owners of real estate
  • Agents and brokers
  • Residential property managers
  • Commercial property managers
  • Architects
  • Out-of-state property owners
  • Family rentals

We offer a free half hour consultation to business owners. Call us today at 407-344-0733 and ask for Marian Jacklich to schedule an appointment.