Why Choose MJ CPA?

Marian Jacklich, CPA is your best choice as your accountant because:

Pricing: I realize how important it is to both individuals and businesses to know up front what their services will cost so they can properly plan and budget for that cost. Part of my free initial consultation, which is a "get acquainted" consultation, is to discuss and tailor specific services to each individual and/or business or organization. Think of it as "component" accounting. I look for savings for my clients, and I also work with them to plan how and when to implement certain services. Before I begin actual work for my client, they know my fees in advance. I often write formal proposals. There are many, many instances where I have saved my clients more in taxes than in my overall fees. The greatest compliment I receive is the year-after-year-after- year clients I retain.

Solid Credentials: I have had two states review my CPA qualifications; California, where technologies are key industries, and Florida where real estate is a key industry. Florida law is not the same as in other states, nor are their taxes.

Solid Education that is different than other CPAs: I have attended three well-qualified and respected State Universities that focus on the quality of education, reviewed and accepted by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. My Bachelor's is from the University of Texas at El Paso. I have three years of formal mechanical engineering, with a B.A. in Communications. Master's of Science in Accountancy from San Jose State University, California, and post-graduate education from the University of Central Florida specifically related to Florida law. I have advanced, formal education in business. My education and credentials are not online or self-taught. My instructors were and are well-qualified, experienced practitioners.

Continuing Education: The State of Florida requires CPAs to take 80 hours every two years with specific subject requirements. Each year I invest significantly in additional education to update my skills from recognized, well-credentialed, in-practice licensed practitioners.

CPAs are more than just tax preparation people: Software and folks with little background are easily available and cheap. The question is whether you want to trust your valuable business or estate to people with minimal education, training and experience to save a few bucks at the moment, but pay more overall. We have the depth of experience and knowledge to give you guidance and assistance, and we emphasize looking ahead, not behind. Criminal background checks in both states (required for licensure).

Experience: Over 25 years in accounting, including multiple computer programs and systems, (including both Mac and PC), multiple IRS and Accounting Standard code changes, multiple law changes and multiple states, and up-and-down economies.

Experience of emphasis: Over 25 years in the dental and health care industry, as both as a co-owner and as a consultant.

Full Time: Some tax and bookkeeping shops are seasonal. We operate 52 weeks a year. Experience, our clients:Our clients include: FDA manufacturing, health care professionals, waste water treatment, investors with farming, investors with business interests, realtors, individuals with rental properties (some out of state), equipment broker, to give you an idea.

Phone: I check messages several times a day, and my clients have my personal cell phone number. I return calls to clients within 24 hours of receiving a call. If the matter is urgent and necessary, a client can receive a return call at my first opportunity.

Email: I check emails each morning, and can often give a brief reply that way.

On-site visits: Our initial business consultation may take place at your office where you are comfortable and your records are conveniently located. Should you desire ongoing, on-site services, we can make arrangements.

Convenient: Day, evening, and Saturday busy executive appointments available.

We care about your time: I am almost always on time for your appointment, and if not, I call as early as I know there will be a conflict.

24/7 document account and drop off: Are you computer-savvy? Do you work outside of Florida or internationally? Want to scan and send us secure documents from your office? Need documents we have? Your web-based, encrypted personal account is available for you.

A paper person? We like paper, and have a 24/7 office drop off mail slot so you can personally deliver important documents direct to us.

Free initial telephone call consultation: If we decide to meet in person, I will provide you a free estimate of our fee before we ever begin work. Our services are tailored for you. Often our clients can pay our fee instead of the taxes and service fees they were paying before we began working with them, and still have savings. No guessing.

Payment arrangements: We accept Visa/Mastercard, Amex, Checks, or Cash. We can make payment arrangements.

Community: During the course of the eight years we have been in Florida, I have written and published articles, and often give presentations to groups on topics of current interest. We care.

Referrals: Marian has a profile on LinkedIn, and you can see a few of her endorsements posted there, or you can read some testimonials here.

With all these reasons, why not give us a call now at 407-344-0733 or request a consultation through our website and we will contact you. No other CPA in Orlando has all of the above qualifications, so why use someone else as a trusted business advisor?